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  1. Weekly Roundup 2020-05-19

    By Max Woerner Chase

    I was listening to Takamachi Walk's Permanence while writing this. It helped.

  2. Weekly Roundup 2020-05-12

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Let's see what other cool things I come up with excuses to use in code.

  3. Weekly Roundup 2020-04-21

    By Max Woerner Chase

    I think I know what I want to work on when I decide to take a break from this: revisiting the whole Mypy plugin thing.

  4. Weekly Roundup 2020-04-14

    By Max Woerner Chase

    It is frankly astonishing how many bugs can exist around visit counts, while the code still "mostly works".

  5. Weekly Roundup 2020-04-07

    By Max Woerner Chase

    I'm not sure how much more of "being wrong about what's easy to tweak in Ink" I can take...

  6. Weekly Roundup 2020-03-24

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Scrabbling for structure in weeks of blurred-together days...

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