Blog Setup - Research 2018-07-06

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

Here's where the blog publisher is now:

It turns out that handling the first three of these was pretty easy. And the last one wasn't a big deal either, though my solution could use some refinement. "Research" here seems to mean "just try stuff". Experimentation is a kind of research, right?

In that vein, let's see what happens if I just try to put together my ideas for a syntax definition...

Here's what happens:

Therefore, the hard problems, currently, are addressing the hardcoded constants in the blog publisher (hard because I don't have any other users to get feedback on how this should work from), writing a python syntax file worthy of my syntax highlighting, and finding a more robust way to call AppleScript from Python.

The syntax file is the highest priority, so I guess I'll be looking into that.

So far, I've mostly copied the current Python syntax definition from Sublime Text, stripped out Python-2-specific syntax, and left myself notes on a few things I want to work differently.

Basically, aside from giving all names a handy scope, I want to:

Next time, I try to get some of these specific things done, in the custom package I made to test this stuff out.