Weekly Roundup 2020-03-31

By Max Woerner Chase

Next week, definitely more porting Ink. This is an interesting experience. While I do have specific complaints about parts of Ink's code, overall I feel the codebase has earned far more respect from me than I had for the code from TStand90's roguelike tutorials. It's a matter of, the requirements put on Ink are much stricter than those on the tutorial code. The ultimate form of the VM will probably actually end up extremely similar to the C# code. I'd like to pull off some kind of bonkers refactor, for the dopamine hit, but the likely targets for improvement are the awful interfaces I've imposed on it. (Every three tests or so, I'm just like "I've made a huge mistake, but I can cope".)

On the conlanging side, I want to clean up my glosses and make them cross-referenceable somehow. I've got some ideas I'll look into for that.