Thoughts On Ramping Up

By Max Woerner Chase

This post isn't terribly focused, but the whole point is that it doesn't have to be.

I decided to stick the "talk about anything" day immediately after the day I drew up my weekly schedule. That was nice of me.

I'd actually started writing up another entry, but then I wasn't sure if I should be posting it, so I'm starting over. The luxury of trying to have a buffer, I guess.

I called this "whatever is on my mind". I guess what's on my mind is wondering right now if the schedule I set myself is too ambitious. The whole idea is to keep up the daily flow of content, in a somewhat structured fashion, but I'm actually not sure if I budgeted everything right, timewise.

One thing I realized about the Linked Seas idea is that I'm probably going to want to be bringing in other authors once things ramp up. I'll probably talk about why once I explain more what Linked Seas is like.

I just looked into Draw a Box. When I wasn't thinking hard about it, I assumed I'd be speeding through it. That is probably not going to be the case. Might end up closer to one lesson a week.

Looking over the topics, yeah, I also want to get back to Homunculus. I've been away from that for a while, and the initial push is going to be for stuff that's not exactly exciting. Which maybe is valuable! Procedural generation is really exciting and all, but it works out best with a strong foundation.

I'm going to try to work on two entries at a time to start with. Once I've ramped up properly, I should hopefully be able to switch between seven at once and make good time. This is "proved" by induction, so maybe it won't quite hold up. We'll see. "Write seven blog posts at once" is not my worst idea this year, is all I'm saying.

(Speaking of worse ideas I had this year, maybe I want to try getting back into vim. We'll see.)