Solo RP 2020-02-09

By Max Woerner Chase

I mostly took things easy today, but I did get a bit done with the solo rp. I think I need some more experience handling normal misses. I got a miss on a ward roll, and ended up thinking, "Uh, suffer -1 supply" and just going with that. I feel like I don't have a sense of how I should be deciding what kind of consequence failure should have. I suppose if it's negative, it's all right.

Now that I'm getting a satisfactory amount written, I feel like maybe my procrastination impulses are getting channeled into other rules and design challenges for the auto-roller. Like, maybe trying to get my ECS ideas into a fit state so I can try to build a character sheet in that out of the various "sort of let you just stick different rulesets together" systems I've been looking at, like Retrocausality or stuff from Word Mill. Got to keep focused. Play these things off each other, like the fact that I'm not really enthused about doing hobby work in Python until my PR to give Poetry a "please don't try to install the package in the development environment" mode goes through.

Good night.