Site Design 2018-04-25

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

I'm not working with the best of buffers here, so this might be a little rushed. Right now I'm trying to focus on adding navigation links to the header. The basic idea is, given the list of articles by category, filter to the current category, then find the adjacent articles.

So, first, filter the "categories" variable to things where the first element matches the current category. It looks like this might need custom settings code. ... I feel like Pelican has some kind of horrible impedance mismatch that I'm failing to hit only because I'm too stubborn to give up my NIH feelings.

Well, I gave them up enough to copy a solution off GitHub, but not enough that I didn't rewrite it several times. I've got a proof of concept for the navigation links now. I think really what I need to do now is to survey all of the pages and see what needs touching up.

Let's just put the entire set of templates in here...

To my mind, solving niggles with the article template is the highest priority. Changes to the article template require the most reuploads.

"But Max, the website fits on a floppy disk right now!"


Okay, here are the priorities:

Once I've done everything through the second-last item on that list, I'll be ready to roll out the new theme.

... Turns out the last one was pretty easy to get sort of working, so now it's the rest of it.

Okay, I've got most of the stuff I wanted done. Maybe there are a few tweaks left, but I'm going to focus on styles now. And maybe host local copies of the fonts while I'm in this area.

I think there are some lingering style issues, but the code is very close. I still didn't fix the tags page, but I'm not even sure how to access that. I'm going to sleep on this, and see what other changes I want to make.

Next week, in addition to necessary changes, I should probably toss in some chunky horizontal lines for the AESTHETIC.