Site Design 2018-04-18

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

I grabbed most of the CSS rules off of Better Motherfucking Website, and that made things look a little nicer. However, the overall navigability suffers from the fact that this is still basically just the "simple" theme. I'm going to step away from the CSS for a bit and see about making the page templates nicer.

Right now, though, I'm stuck on the mystery of why my custom theme isn't rendering categories in the top nav list. Oh. Well, those conditionals are very wrong. And it's not quite my fault. That's just how the simple theme is, for... some reason.

Okay, next change: instead of listing all categories, link to the category listing. This should help mitigate one of the things visible on the website as of this writing, which is that the category listing has overflowed in less than three weeks of posting.

Okay, I did that, and added some styling and such. One thing I kind of want to do is to make the categories link be right-justified, once the list is horizontal. Another thing I want to do is convert as much of this as possible to BEM. So, I'll do that now.

While I was in there, I figured out how to embed the text of a page into every rendered page. This should come in handy for some hacks I have in mind, but for now, it means I get to have the hosting link everywhere, and free up a space in the header.

One thing I'm not a fan of is how much trouble I'm having, figuring out how to customize the Pygments output. It's like, this is the only syntax highlighter I can use (please yell at me on Masto if that is not actually true), and there's no obvious way for me to customize it for, like, BEM stuff.

This was all fun, but I really should get around to:

Next week, I should mess with the article rendering. There are a few other areas I want to hit, but that's the obvious one.