Seed 2019-07-22

By Max Woerner Chase

I messed a little with other stuff, but I mostly focused on getting progress on Seed. The implementation for the fork command is almost done, I just haven't figured out how to implement specifying the developer name. Maybe it can piggyback off of pijul's configuration.

In any case, once the last bits of that are ironed out, I'm going to start testing out the prototype by trying to create a self-hosting repository for Seed. It won't get too far, but I'd rather find problems with it sooner than later.

Once I've ironed out any issues, though, I think I'd like to focus on the requirements that Seed will put on complementary tooling, because I don't want to be surprised by some missing functionality that is obvious only to me. I've been sort of weighing in my head the possibility that I'll end up writing my own packaging system, but I really really hope it doesn't come to that, because that would be a huge pain. ... And said tools managed to end up in a broken state, so it's possible my hand is going to be forced unless I can fix it, which it looks like I just did, very heavy-handedly. Somehow, the permissions were hosed on many, if not all of the __pycache__ folders, which put Poetry in an inconsistent state when I tried to upgrade it.

At least I can be confident that situation will never arise again, because, um... hm... Computers! Good night.