Schedule Change 2018-06-18

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

Giving this blog a schedule was kind of an experiment, and I think it's time to change the parameters.

Pros of the current system include:

Cons include:

I'm currently leaning towards designing some "week-long schedule" concepts, so I can devote a single week to mostly a single project. Fixtures of all schedules would include the weekly roundup, the free-topic day, and art practice roundup. I want these all to go on consistent days in every schedule, and I should note that the roundups take almost no concentrated effort.

In the context of working on a software project, I could perhaps allot the remaining four days to:

To figure out where everything should go, I note that I want the roundup between Retrospective and Planning, and something before each of Tests and Development

Suppose I put the roundup on Tuesday? That puts the Retrospective on Monday, which is great, and the Planning on Wednesday, which is fine. Development would be Sunday, which sounds decent from here. Let's say, Free Topic on Saturday, Tests on Friday, Art Roundup Thursday.

Okay, the plan then is to finish out this week, then make this post on Monday, follow it with a short roundup, and then start... probably Structured Data Week.

Anyway, my basic plan for other topics is to handle stuff like Demiurgent Business as:

And actually have a separate place to write all the stuff down, rather than just making a bunch of posts.