Pip 2021-01-10

By Max Woerner Chase

Well, I slept for twelve hours after the last post, and now I'm fine(?).

I've finished roughing out the tests that I know how to do. I should maybe try to figure out how to write tests for wheel compatibility tags, but I'd rather get the tests I have to be valid. Looking over the utility function definitions, it's... probably fine to copy and paste between files.

I did that, and filled in the details. I've got an hour, let's goooooo. Okay, it took a quarter of an hour, and all of the tests failed as expected. Let's remove the xfail marks and see if any of them are failing for bad reasons.

And some of them are. Let's see about patching this up. I'll rerun them tomorrow.

I think the next thing I need to fix up is to add some expect_errors to a bunch of the calls. That should make some of the twenty tests I've added pass, but that's fine.

Anyway, I'm drifting off, so I should wrap up.

Good night.