Pip 2021-01-07

By Max Woerner Chase

I got a few basic hash+url constraint tests mostly written. I need to figure out the best way to assert about what pip actually did. I think the easy way is to just copy some utility functions between test files.

Anyway, it's a little hard to concentrate on this right now, for reasons that I trust are obvious. I want to keep on making progress on this, that's heartening, but what's happening in Washington DC right now...

I don't often talk about political issues that affect me, and I do not think I have a principled reason for that. I sometimes find myself fixating on the worst possible outcome of an event or action. (On reflection, a lot of really bad outcomes have come as a surprise to me at the time, so it's not like I can even call myself a "realist" here.) But, if I can say something here that reaches someone, anyone, from this little blog, then I think the good that does will outweigh any negative consequences that my brain can imagine.

Today, in the Capitol, there were innocent bystanders who didn't deserve what happened to them. There were heroes. There were, and are, reprehensible people who are likely to face far less consequences than their words and deeds merit. I do not intend to forget this day, the violence, the lies, the distaste for democracy. Everyone who was in the Capitol today deserves to have their actions memorialized, especially those who will, soon enough, be trying to deny and minimize them.

I want to believe the worst is over, but I cannot bring myself to relax just yet. I hope we make it through the next two weeks, and that we can finally start getting the leadership we needed a year ago.

Fuck Trump.

Good night.