Pip 2020-12-20

By Max Woerner Chase

I do want to do a bit of pip work today. It's going to be pretty minor.

Thing to note: generated packages don't have hashes (I think), which means... Actually, looking into this, I'm now kind of confused. The create_basic_wheel_for_package helper function contains the following comment: # Have an empty RECORD because we don't want to be checking hashes.. But the test_new_resolver_hashes module defines a _create_find_links helper that calls these other helpers and associates hashes with the result...

OH. I was confused. The comment was talking about checking hashes of individual files in a package, while the hashes that matter to testing constraints are of the package as a whole. So, we're good.

So, I'm going to try to sketch out what the basic tests should be doing:

Have another test for having an unused constraint to example.com, though I'm not sure what that should do.

Another test:


As above, but either the constraint or the installation includes a version range incompatible with the scratch package; expect failure.

As the second case above, but with a constraint and a requirement, instead of two constraints.

There's more to outline, but I'm getting tired.

Good night.