Opus Magnum - Retrospective 2018-11-26

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

If last week had been any other week, it could have gone better, but that's because the week that it was, was Thanksgiving week, and I was thrown off any semblance of a normal schedule. Like, hopefully, I actually make it in to work in the morning. Anyway. Progress felt incremental overall, but I started in some interesting directions I want to pursue.

This was another week without a clear plan, or an "exploratory" week if I want to feel better about it. I ended up devising a solid foundation for coming up with puzzles, and applied the functional spec ideas to them. This is not how I anticipated things going, but, again, it looks really promising.

I think right now I want to view working on the functional spec as important practice that I'll be applying to my constellation of game ideas, and also the Romance Instrumentality Project. As I see it, there's nothing stopping me from translating a beat sheet into a functional spec, and this is, again again, an idea I think seems worth pursuing.

So far as Vislav Peterson and the Island of Gold, I want to iterate on the functional spec a bit, before I get back into writing. Once that's done, I want to focus on fleshing out the first two parts. What strikes me as the biggest potential problem point is the byproduct structures; I want to figure out how to keep them interesting, from a visual perspective, and a synthesis perspective.

Next week, eesh, I dunno, maybe I should just functional spec all of the things, try to figure out the boundaries on what's a nail for this hammer.