Music Theory - Retrospective 2018-09-03

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

Huh, I think I kind of scoped out this week weird and kind of did the retrospective yesterday, sort of? Note for the future, don't do that.

The goal of this week was to go back into a codebase I hadn't touched in months, and port it to Rust so I could make some progress on it. I ended up discovering that there were a lot of aspects of the design that I hadn't fully thought out, and I'll have to change/think about as things go on. I got most of the way through implementing code to approximate feature parity.

The big concern I have with the way I'm implementing things now is, there are a few places I'm using mutation where I think actually maybe I shouldn't. Or maybe the correct answer is to keep using mutation, but make a clone and mutate the clone.

I'm getting kind of dissatisfied with the way my current weekly schedule works out. I might have to start doing planning poker or something for these things. I guess my problem with this week was that the process of implementation wasn't very interesting to write about, so the third project post felt a little tepid. I might be able to recoup my good feelings on this by writing up tiny_music_rs after it's in a better state.

Next week, I'm having fun with gdp, so maybe I'll just be on a Rust kick for a bit longer.