Logical Numbers? - Planning 2018-10-10

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

There are a few things I want to look into this week.

One is retiring the Divide and Cover repository. My plan there is to set the development status to 7 (I think), add a no maintenance intended badge to both, publish new versions of each on PyPI, and archive the repository. Have a message in there about, moving forward, want to be using Coverage 5+.

Later, I can look into how the Coverage prereleases actually work, I just... really don't want to deal with this code more than I have to, after all of the contortions I've gone through with it.

The big thing I want to do this week is use the arbitrary-sized integer functions I've been messing with, to get a handle on testing and documentation in Prolog, and potentially setting up a Prolog project with continuous integration and workflow bots. For this, I also want to try out the GitHub Desktop app again, see if it handles GitHub's workflows better than non-opinionated tooling.

So, for that part of things, I need to:

I'm not certain I couldn't do all of that this week by going flat out and ignoring all of my other obligations, but I'm certain I can't do it all if I don't do foolish things. As such, I'll just make some amount of progress on the above, and that will be that. I don't have strict day divisions in mind, but I'd at least like to get up through documenting code by the next entry.

The overall goal is to get some experience with tooling in Prolog, using basically a toy problem, but one that admits sophisticated solutions.

Next time, I'll hopefully have cleared away the Divide and Cover repository, and gotten started on, I don't know what to call this, Logical Numbers?