Logical Numbers? - Documentation 2018-10-12

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

Before anything else, I got Divide and Cover squared away. This had no real relevance to the rest of this, I just really didn't want to keep it around. For whatever reason, the badges aren't showing up right in PyPI; I cut a new version to try to address this, and it didn't help. I choose to interpret the weird state this leaves the repo in relative to the index as a meta-commentary on how I don't want to focus on these any more. I forgot to say to use Coverage 5. Maybe I'll come back to this sometime and add a message. Not right now.

Anyway, I found some Coding Guidelines for Prolog that I want to try to use to inform my style. I've already got some idiosyncratic conventions that I don't intend to give up, but maybe I can add more. I've got a repo made, and tracked using GitHub Desktop instead of Mercurial, the file added, and the things that I think should be public, have preliminary documentation.

No tests yet, but some of the documentation should be a good guide for writing tests.

Next time, I want to have gotten at least through setting up CI.