Linked Seas 2018-04-12

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

Currently, I'm focusing on a single planet in this setting. I don't know if it'll be significant, but I wanted an outside perspective on the empire that controls most of the setting.

The planet is called, in one of its languages, Kena'o. I've sketched out parts of its history related to the development of FTL travel. I'm not certain, but I'm thinking that it has multiple large land-masses close to the equator, and only one large land-mass outside of that band.

Of note, when I was sketching this stuff out, I tried to make the names as the fictional character speaking would render them. I didn't always work out the exact change. So, for example, "Grusil" is probably "correct" as a romanization, but "Afepes" is filtered through the speech of Gaewon, and I didn't actually figure out what it was before being changed.

The northernmost island is Gaewon.

Just to the south-west of Gaewon is a continent that has several regions separated by mountain ranges. Immediately opposite Gaewon is a coastline that at one point belongs to a country called Bilus. Elsewhere on the continent is a country called Sereloi, which has an excellent climate for growing some kind of easily-juiceable fruit, and raising animals that somehow produce a honey-like substance. Somewhere on the continent, moveable type was applied to the reproduction of sacred texts.

Somewhere, there is a country called Spesena, and to its north, one called Grusil.

There is a continent that has several nations on it, including one called the Empire of the Moon and Sun. To the south of the Empire is the Pamara River, northern border of a city-state called Grevitch. Further south, among more city-states, one city-state controls the access to a salt lake known as the Desan Sea. To the west of the Empire is a region called Sola Valley.

Somewhere, there is a desert. Within the desert is a river. At the mouth of the river, there is/was a nation called Afepes.

Somewhere, there is a city called Mesato Momo, which at one point has a population far higher than it can support.

Somewhere close to the equator is a kingdom called Beleruebo, which borders/contains a jungle of incredible biological diversity.

There are polar ice caps. Nobody lives there.

I think I want to consolidate this by putting Grusil and Spesena on the north-west part of the continent that has Bilus and Sereloi. Mesato Momo is on the eastern coast of the Empire. I don't want Beleruebo to be on that continent. However, it needs neighboring nations, as does the Empire.

I think I want Beleruebo to be in the eastern arm of a U or V shaped continent. I envision it as being somewhere to the east of the Bilus-Sereloi continent. Let's put Afepes wherever it would fit on that continent.

My basic intent is to have approximately the land area of Earth in a bunch of spread-out tropical continents. Kena'o is probably bigger than Earth.

Next week, I want to finish the history sketches leading to FTL, and figure out more about the three continents I have so far.