Homunculus - Retrospective 2018-07-16

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

This week, I came up with some good plans that I can come back to later, but I only got so far on them by now. I think what slowed me down was, I decided I needed Structured Data to proceed with Homunculus, but I didn't lay out what features Homunculus needed from Structured Data, specifically, so I kind of ended up spinning my wheels a bit, polishing Structured Data at random.

In the end, some of the particulars of Structured Data are much improved, but it can't get into a 1.0-worthy state until I actually attempt to use it in my projects, like Homunculus or tiny_music. I wouldn't exactly recommend using it to anyone else right now, but if anyone wants to work with me on this, and doesn't mind code that will change its interface, check out the project page.

Homunculus needs Structured Data, and Structured Data needs some kind of checklist to get to 1.0. For now, I'll just note the need.

I think what I need to do going forward, is figure out exactly what Structured Data needs to get to 1.0, then figure out a complementary project to pair it with, like last week's blog publisher + syntax file.

I really liked having two somewhat unrelated projects I could switch between based on priority and blockage. It felt a lot better than trying to work on one project so I could get another working. ... Which is why I have a different plan for next week. I'll show it off in a few days, but it's different, for sure.

Next week, let's dive into conlanging.