Homunculus - 2018-07-13

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

So, I spent all day noodling around with Structured Data. I think I have to just try to use it now, and start opening bugs against myself. But it turns out that sometimes, stuff that's satisfying to code, doesn't provide a good angle for writing about. I mean I can try.

My basic goal with the changes I was making was to break the single big module I had everything in before, into several smaller modules with a tighter focus in each. One thing that happened as a result of this goal was that I created a bunch of internal modules, some of them quite small, to implement functionality that didn't convincingly belong to one public module or the other. I think separating the modules helped the code, because it made it more obvious which helper code applied to which publicly visible code, and reduced the clutter in the modules.

I think one thing that would improve things further is, each module, even the internal ones, has a value for __all__ that has the notional interface of the module. I should make sure that everything in those __all__ lists is documented, so it's clear what the exported functions and such are for.

Let's see about getting these issues in, so I don't forget about them, on account of it's almost midnight now.

Next time, I wrap this week up.