Diary 2022-06-16

By Max Woerner Chase

I caught up on a few other things today, and worked on some writing. The big roadblock right now is, I need to do some editing, but I don't want to do some editing. Like, why won't the text spontaneously rewrite itself into a form that makes more sense? Rude.

Anyway, I'm going to be traveling a bit this weekend, but it shouldn't be as crazy as the last bit of travel. We'll see how much I can work on MOTR like that. I think I'll want to focus on writing tests for the pytest wrappers. I'll see, as I work on those, whether I want to focus on cleaning up the code or covering more use cases. Like, once I have tests for the other three cases in the motrfile, that should give me coverage over most of the non-error paths, so I'll get some confidence in its behavior.

I think sometime, I'd like to look more into claims that additional test coverage isn't really helpful, because I feel like there must be some nuance missing. Because it just doesn't seem to match up for me. Is it because I try to be cautious and write tests before using the code when possible, so code issues manifest as test failures rather than debugging sessions? Maybe. Maybe it's something else. But regardless, either my subjective experience is an outlier or doesn't match up with a quantified measurement, or there's some reason that what I'm doing doesn't match up with the circumstances of the studies I've heard about that are supposed to show that increasing test coverage doesn't help.

Either way, I should get ready for bed.

Good night.