Diary 2022-06-15

By Max Woerner Chase

I don't recall that I did anything in particular today, besides trying to catch up on various tasks. I think I'm basically caught up at this point, so that feels good.

I did mess around with code a little, trying to document my untested Unlambda interpreter, and polishing MOTR's tests slightly. They could do with a bit more polish... And I may have gotten slightly sidetracked from writing the interpreter in Jupyter Lab, and encountering behavior that only makes sense to me if the top-most multi-line statement in a cell, if any, is "supposed to" be the last thing in that cell. I've written up a question that summarizes my current state of knowledge relevant to this. If anybody knows about "the right way" or "a way" to make CodeMirror behave differently from Jupyter Lab, I'd appreciate the help.

Okay, it's getting late, and there's a bit more I'd ideally like to get doe tonight, so I'm cutting this off here.

Good night.