Diary 2022-05-05

By Max Woerner Chase

I wasn't terribly focused today. There's something weird and gross in the air; it might just be heat and humidity.

I took a few more notes for writing. I'm fired up about this concept now that I want to do some kind of like... goal-directed outlining. My mental image of how it would be presented is, like, a series of short stories that could, conceptually, be grouped into volumes. So, I should be able to iterate on process in a somewhat straightforward fashion, once I have the focus to really get into this.

I also tried to sort things out when it comes to conlanging, and it kind of feels like I've somehow circled around in terms of tooling. Like "It sure would be nice to have a table format that works well with version control, so I guess that needs to be some kind of text, but I know I hated laying out these tables in ReStructuredText, so I guess I want to represent them in Python somehow, so I guess I do need a representation of at least the glosses..."

I'm fine putting that together at some point, but I want some idea of how I'll get the data back out. I'm sort of wondering if there's some way to pull data from a Jupyter notebook into Sphinx...

Anyway, I'm done for tonight. I can't be up much longer.

Good night.