Diary 2022-04-29

By Max Woerner Chase

Time management is still in an eeeeeh kind of place, but I can work on that right now thus:

I messed a tiny bit with MOTR today, because I idly ran the tests to get an idea of the behavior (the typing tests seem to be doing some kind of painful things to the overall execution time), and I discovered that, since I last ran them, it seems like Mypy got some new behavior? Whatever, it was a bunch of quick fixes.

Anyway, I also made sure to focus a little on writing. I filled in the general outline I came up with for one of my story concepts, and got it from "making fun of part of the concept of a specific other story" to "other things are going on that set it apart enough that it's not 'obviously just' any particular thing", at least, not that I know of.

So, I'm happy with that, and now I want to make sure I have plenty of time to wind down, so I'm going to publish this.

Good night.