Diary 2022-03-18

By Max Woerner Chase


I didn't make it so far today. Mostly I got distracted tweaking system settings to try to make things look vaguely more consistent with... something.

When it came down to fleshing out the character arc I was messing with yesterday, I just kind of got stuck on the fact that I don't have strong feelings about how I want it to end. That's important, because how it ends influences what happens in the middle, and probably how the beginning gets presented.

It seems like I need to have some level of emotional investment before I feel like it's worth going into more detail. If this is correct, it won't be a problem when it comes to stuff that I want to write for a reason beyond practice.

In any case, I'm not getting any further for the rest of today, so I'll just have to take things easy for now, and tomorrow.

Good night.