Diary 2022-03-16

By Max Woerner Chase

Shifted gears again as far as writing goes. I just did a quick experiment with writing, and using a random word generator whenever I wasn't sure of something. After messing around so much with AI dungeon, it felt great. Still got to have some unpredictability, but I only had to write things so I could understand them, and I could plunge ahead without the focus suddenly jerking off in unexpected directions.

This first one, I did without an outline of any kind, so I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but I suspect I could use this to work within or fill in a high-level outline.

Since my issue writing the Fiasco solo was momentum, I suspect this could help me out in some way. I want to investigate how this works for me a bit more, first. So, I'd like to try writing and filling in outlines a few different ways, before trying out converting the structure of Fiasco into an outline, and then filling it in more-or-less in order.

For now, though, I'll just be glad that I've got a technique for writing stuff that I can't predict ahead of time, that doesn't unpredictably take over twenty minutes to proceed, or get messed up by obscure techniques like "extremely common metaphors". Anyway, it's late, so I'll get to bed.

Good night.