Diary 2022-03-11

By Max Woerner Chase

I'm taking some preliminary notes on screenplay formatting and getting conventions to fit within the fountain file format. In general, the combination of fountain's relaxed formatting and the vim plugin I installed, should make it possible for me to write sensible screenplays without excessive effort, if I go that route.

While the formatting won't be a big issue (barring issues converting from fountain to other formats), I think I've decided that, for the Fiasco idea, I don't want to start by drafting in script form.

My initial thought is to draft it in the form of a metaphorical chat log between the characters. This should allow me to start of preserving the feel of the game mechanics, which I think fits in with my general idea of "Do things in the typical case, then move away as I get a better grasp on things".

Anyway, things are wrapping up over here, so I'm going to get ready for bed now.

Good night.