Diary 2022-03-09

By Max Woerner Chase

Oh boy. I kind of poked around at more tech stuff, and ended up proposing—not committing to anything, just proposing!—a pretty major overhaul to a fork of an open-source project, just so I wouldn't have to open a GUI window sometimes.

On balance, I think I'm going to want something along those lines long-term, but I should hold off on doing such work for as long as I can. I've taken notes on some alternatives for now, and I should definitely make do with them until things get much further along than I currently anticipate them getting.

All that said, I should try to focus on learning more about screenwriting, just for my own edification.

Thinking for a sec about other projects I'd like to work more on... flake8-html and junit2html, I think. I don't remember what I concluded the last time I looked into them, but I think it makes more sense to fork their code and mess with it, than to write a style for Stylus like I did for Mypy's coverage output just now.

But really, I should put down the text editors for now. I should also get ready for bed.

Good night.