Diary 2022-03-05

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay, I'm wiped out, but it's fine, but I'm not up for much of a post tonight.

We watched the livestream of the new MST3K episode, and that movie was complete nonsense. At one point I was like "Wait, we're watching Jonah and the bots, watch Santo, watch something else." It was super Brechtian, is what I'm saying.

Anything else I want to talk about right now? Hm...

Oh yeah, I can talk about playing Vampire Survivors. I've got all the normal unlocks as of v0.3.0c, although I haven't bought any curse, because the Dairy Plant is scary enough without curse. (Like, maybe I could be convinced to up the curse for the previous levels, but in the Dairy Plant it feels like I have to fight to get to the half hour mark.)

I'm still not psyched up to cheese the reaper fight. I've got the walkthrough all lined up, and it's just, like, it sounds really frustrating.

Anyway, I'm going to publish this and zone out doing Fiasco-related data entry for later.

Good night.