Diary 2021-08-30

By Max Woerner Chase

I started writing up the setting document for the worldbuilding. The first thing I worked on was a short explanation of a few basic facts about the world.

You know how, sometimes you're writing something, and you get feedback about needing to cut part of it, and maybe you get kind of offended? Like, come on, it's not that wordy! People should be grateful to read my words!

That's not happening here. It's less than 400 words, and it needs some serious work, because the current version is painfully dry and boring. And that's not me grudgingly accepting feedback from someone else. That's me reading over what I wrote, and nearly falling asleep.

It's possible that some illustrations could salvage it.

I'll have to try to come at this from multiple angles to fix it up.

Good night.