Diary 2021-08-21

By Max Woerner Chase

This isn't under "sneak peek" because, really, what was I even showing off in there? But anyway, I did the edits I noted last night, and then a bunch more that I realized I needed on a re-read. I could probably edit this project indefinitely, but I hope I've taken care of all of the really big or definite issues.

Anyway, I'm writing this up early because I had a bit of a rough week (hopefully next week will be a little easier), and I want to do stuff like I did last week, but, with, like, an actual post to go up today. So, those are my plans for tonight, but what do I want to do over the weekend?

Well, go outside as little as possible on Sunday, to avoid the winds. But aside from that, I'm going to plan and work on some other projects while I wait for feedback on the latest draft. In particular, I'm really interested to see whether breaking out flit into its own step will help my MOTR config, and I've got some research and, I guess, experimentation that I want to do for a worldbuilding project that I don't remember whether I've mentioned here. There's also another project that I'd like to start planning, which is just a silly little thing, but I can probably polish it indefinitely.

Well, that's all I'm going to get written for now. I'd better wrap up.

Good night.