Diary 2021-06-16

By Max Woerner Chase

I mostly took things easy again today. We got haircuts, and it feels absolutely amazing to move my head without my hair following through, and feeling stuff on the back of my neck. Super excited to get my hair quickly washed, dried and combed, rather than just... basically none of those.

Thinking about what I want to do for task runner testing later... I want more core tests, which should use extra synchronization objects (which probably shouldn't be used for non-test purposes) to force identical task graphs into different orders. I want to test the exact output of the target list flow, and the end of the output for the execution flow. (Actually, it occurs to me that I probably need better integration between the progress bar library and the app. I'll research that after I publish this.) (Actually, on further reading, I'm not sure whether Cement has the kind of tooling I'm used to from Click. I'm not currently clear on how I'd do something like capture output. I guess I have to make sure that I use as few render calls as possible?)

Anyway, I'm really tired again; apparently "spacing out" doesn't count as "sleep", which seems really unfair when you get right down to it.

Good night.