Diary 2021-04-05

By Max Woerner Chase

We visited family today, so things are lean as far as the kind of stuff I usually write about. I'm going to try to get some work in on one of my neglected projects while this posts. See, right now, a lot of the software stuff that I'm hoping to make use of seems to be in a holding pattern, from my perspective, so I'm going to try doing some writing-related stuff.

(I mean, I suppose there's the whole "I ought to make vim flashcards for myself sometime" thing, but I guess "sometime" doesn't feel like it should be "now".)

Let's see, anything else... Well, I made some progress on the Kanren stuff after the last post. It's mostly useful as a "teach myself how logic programming works under the covers" kind of thing, and I suppose the next thing I'm curious about is constraint logic programming.

Anyway, I'll go wherever my whims take me, and right now my whim is to wrap up this post.

Good night.