Diary 2021-03-01

By Max Woerner Chase

I published my pip PR today, and... it failed on Windows. The error doesn't make any sense to me, but I guess this means I need to run the tests locally on Windows. I'll do that in a few days; I just want to relax for a bit, and wait for feedback first.

(For that, I'll need git and (want) pyenv-win or similar, probably through Chocolatey. I'm not really familiar with Windows packaging, but I think I've indirectly used Chocolatey via cookiecutter-pylibrary and its AppVeyor integrations.)

I think I'll look for something inconsequential to work on while I psych myself up for spinning up a Windows environment for Pip development. I might get a post out of that when I get to it; I should probably try to.

I think I'll work on some silly stuff I've had in mind for a while, right now.

Good night.