Diary 2020-09-17

By Max Woerner Chase

This should be the last day. In less than twelve hours, we should be all set.

Anyway, I spent some time today working on the data structure I mentioned yesterday, the zzStructure (which is apparently no longer patented). I didn't get much implemented relative to my plans, but there's a little more in there than there was before.

After that, I returned to the game dev stuff from... a few months ago, apparently, and worked on test coverage. I forget exactly what I was doing, but test coverage is generally helpful and I was up for, so I did it. It took some slight effort to exercise enough patience, since the current network throttles mean that I can't use the internet for anything else while it's updating its caches.

We'll see what I'm up for later; I've got to wrap things up now.

Good night.