Diary 2020-09-07

By Max Woerner Chase

Another day of taking it easy. Things are going to get much more hectic for me in a few days, so I'm absolutely going to take this.

I'm still really dreading starting work with the wifi hotspot, because the daily Zoom calls are likely to eat up this month's bandwidth nigh-instantly, unless I figure out ahead of time how to turn down every setting I can. Ideally I'd have no video whatsoever except for screen-sharing.

I suppose there's nothing more for me to do right now. I just need to remember to look into that when I get the chance.

I don't know, I run the numbers, and it looks like this should be totally doable, but just one bad day could wipe everything out. It sucks. It sucks much less than a lot of things, but it still sucks.

I'll try to wait one more day before worrying too hard about it, though.

Good night.