Diary 2020-09-04

By Max Woerner Chase

The connection metering checkbox is feeling like a bit of a placebo right now, so I'm typing this up offline.

I found a use case that is getting me through the basics with Leo: converting my old Scrivener projects into Leo projects. I had to do this by reading the XML and translating it into Leo's layout, because the export I did months ago didn't quite work, and also discarded important information.

I don't know how replicable this will be with any other project, since this is a case where I specifically wasn't using any rich text formatting. However, this is the project I was most interested in picking back up, so, I've got an in on using Leo, and I'll see if it seems applicable to anything else.

I wonder how much effort it would take to port my syntax highlighting and color schemes from Sublime Text. I'll look into that while this publishes.

Good night.