Diary 2020-08-05

By Max Woerner Chase

I ended up taking it easy today. I don't remember what I actually did, but I assume it was taking it easy. I can't believe it's only Tuesday.

And when it's Friday, I'm shocked. It's like every day, I have the strongest impression of what it was like a week ago, so Tuesday is like it came after a string of Tuesdays, and Fridays feel like the six days between pass really quickly.

Really could have done with a competent federal response to the pandemic, like, several months ago.

I don't know, some of the stuff I've been sinking my time into lately, I wrapped up the really focus-intensive parts today, so maybe I'll have more focus for other stuff. Maybe.

Anyway, the time I'm using to write this post is passing really quickly, so I should wrap up ASAP.

Good night.