Diary 2020-07-15

By Max Woerner Chase

I mostly took it easy today. One of the quirks of how I date these posts is, I put them up for the day after I wrote them. (Or mostly wrote them.) So, this post was written on my birthday, unlike the one with my birthday date on it. Every once in a while the discrepancy here seems a bit confusing to me, but generally it makes just enough sense that I'm not interested in coming up with alternatives.

Anyway, I did spend some time putting together a list of projects I've been working on or thinking about lately. There are actually quite a few, and I'm not sure how I want to organize things, but it should be possible for me to work out some kind of schedule. I don't know when I'll feel comfortable trying to commit to a schedule, since things are kind of in flux right now. I'm still reading stuff, but I don't have much to say on the stuff I'm reading.

I should wrap things up soon, or I'll regret it.

Good night.