Diary 2020-06-26

By Max Woerner Chase

Today, I didn't really feel like coding, so I tried out something else I'd been interested in, World Maker.

My first draw was kind of unlucky, because I drew character cards totaling 45 details, which, taking the other cards needed into account, adds up to more cards than there are in the deck. This shouldn't be possible except with five characters, and it shouldn't happen that often, but it was a little awkward and I did have to fudge stuff. The other tricky bit of drawing 45 details is that these characters kind of have everything going on. Again, luck of the draw, but when the characters I have the best handle on are the cyborg angel and the faerie scientist... this is going to be a little out there.

I actually just now filled in the last of the connections between these characters. Now that I've got notes on all this stuff, I'll have to flesh it out later.

I don't know how much I'll do with this first attempt, but I want to see how far I can take it. Once I have a handle on this, I want to try using World Maker to come up with plot hooks for a setting that I have some more idea of what it's like, going into it.

Good night.