Diary 2019-12-25

By Max Woerner Chase

A little calmer of a day today. I mostly spent it playing Minecraft, but I also put in some more high-level conlanging work. I think what's happening there is that I don't quite understand some of the stuff motivating my goals well enough to jump in. Some of the high-level summaries of "Euroversals" on Wikipedia are pretty abstract, so I've been reading over the original Haspelmath article to get a better idea, for example, of what an "equative" is, and how stuff like "так" and "как" relate to it.

Getting a good idea of what is and isn't typical in languages is interesting. I kind of want to, once I nail down more details, develop a distant relative language that didn't take on SAE features. (Although it probably is worth noting that one way I'm maybe kind of cheating to make this more exotic is, if something is common outside of Europe and therefore not a Euroversal, that gives me license to not use it. Even though this doesn't really make sense. So, if I'm not specifically trying to do that, the result might end up having some superficial resemblances to European languages that the first language lacks.)

Good night.