Diary 2019-12-18

By Max Woerner Chase

I still don't quite have a handle on how to do time management in the winter, I think, so I did some quick conlang work in the last hour or so. I basically just transcribed some of the basic stuff I wrote down. Moving forward, I'd like to have some sample sentences that hold my interest, so I think my best bet is to make samples for Dabupan instead of The Tongue of Light, and have the samples be of the debates over the reforms. So, first write stuff up in English so I have some idea of the words I want, figure out back-derivations to the "earliest attested form", determine the meaning of the root at that time, and figure out which sound changes occurred when.

This sounds like it's going to be a lot of much harder work than my usual stuff, so I'll just have to put aside some time every day, I guess, and chip away at it.

Quick timeline thought: Ancient Dabupan is "analytic", Old Dabupan is "agglutinative", Dabupan is "fusional". I think I'll just copy the lexicon around a bunch until I've got four sections to work with. That'll be it for tonight, it's pretty late now.

Good night.