Diary 2019-12-02

By Max Woerner Chase

So I don't really remember what I did today besides go shopping, and like an hour ago start writing up ideas for a conlang that is basically a really subtle troll. The concept for it started when I heard about the concept of Standard Average European. Because English is part of the sprachbund, it seems to me like the "Euroversals" could be useful to English-speaking conlangers who don't want their language to sound particularly "European", or to someone working on an auxiliary language.

I had the idea of "what if I leaned into this as hard as possible, when it comes to stuff that people mentioned, but I take whatever approach I feel like for everything that isn't specifically mentioned (or that I really don't feel like having)"

So far, the result is looking like a mix of "that is exactly what English does", "that's what some languages that aren't English do", and "I only assume there's a natlang that does that because I'm not that creative", which is probably the best that can be hoped for, given the constraints I gave myself.

Anyway, I absolutely need to go to bed now.

Good night.