Diary 2019-11-23

By Max Woerner Chase

Tonight, I was mostly messing with trying to port the Ink runtime to Python. I'm going the route of doing heavy refactorings as I go, which is a definite gamble, but the source code in this case is more likely to be in a valid state than previous times I've attempted that.

Unfortunately, I got myself seriously wound up because Sublime Text was being Helpfulâ„¢ again. I eventually determined that the behavior that was bothering me was the isort plugin working as designed, so, um, I would not recommend the isort plugin? It will ignore your project settings, sometimes, I think? Basically it was a huge pain and I'm glad I figured out what was sabotaging my files.

Hopefully from now on everything should be more predictable, but that just, really sucked for a while there.

I can't be up much longer.

Good night.