Diary 2019-11-22

By Max Woerner Chase

I put in the PR against Poetry. We'll see how that goes. Hopefully there's some feedback soon.

I did some testing against Structured Data, and discovered that my interpretation of some of Mypy's internal documentation was incorrect, which is a pain. I saw the following and thought "I can use this to make an invariant protocol for matching types!" and that doesn't seem to be true. "We may encounter expressions whose values are specific classes; those are represented as callables (possibly overloaded) corresponding to the class's constructor's signature and returning an instance of that class. The difference with Type[C] is that those callables always represent the exact class given as the return type" RIP.

I fleshed things out a tiny bit with Ironsworn. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the relationship between the story I want to tell and the vows that would go into it.

Besides all of that, today we watched Children of the Corn II, which... Okay, it's a sequel to a supernatural horror movie, and you may ask "Does it ramp up the supernatural weirdness, or does it try to give a scientific explanation for everything?" The answer is yes. That was a weird movie.

Good night.