Diary 2019-11-21

By Max Woerner Chase

I spent a bunch of time squinting at Poetry's source code, and now have a prototype that shouldn't break in the manner that the previous prototypes would have broken.

After a lot of effort, I've figured out how to write some basic tests. As I compose this entry, I'm rerunning the test suite with a new test. If it doesn't pass, I'll be very sad and confused.

Update: it didn't pass, but the reason why is clear enough that I'm just mildly unhappy. I fixed the problem, and if it still fails, then I'll be annoyed and confused and such.

Hey, it passed. That's one test down, at least two more to go.

The basic test I did was that a package with only runtime dependencies specified can opt into not installing anything. Let's list some more cases:

And complementary tests against the mason component. I also note that I missed adding the field's default value to the "complete" fixture. I'll get that now.

Besides Poetry, I made some progress on my ongoing session 0 of solo Ironsworn. I'm right now trying to figure out the right balance of things to put in my starting vows.

The big thing I want to figure out with Ironsworn is, how do I want to track the character sheet stuff? ANM has the character sheets (which are tiny) stuffed into a Lua file next to the plotlines. I could probably do something similar easily enough for Ironsworn.

Okay, I've started on a textual character sheet. I'm going to have to go over the rules some to get the details of some sections right, but it looks basically fine.

And that's enough for now.

Good night.