Diary 2019-11-14

By Max Woerner Chase

I think I'm doing a little better managing my stress; I made some terrible jokes earlier today that I think indicate that I'm doing well enough to come up with them.

Anyway, making a little progress with Ironsworn. I've decided that my character is focused on wits; I haven't picked out the other stats. He has a boyfriend, and everyone has anime hair. I don't know if some kind of live feed of my priorities here would make sense to anyone else, but hey, solo play.

Not much else to report. There are some feature requests I filed against Poetry that I'm going to try to put in PRs for to see if that gets forward motion on them. First I need to go through the basic checklist of setting up the repo and running the tests. Maybe I'll get that started in the next few days, maybe not. Let's see... looks like both PRs would be based off the develop branch. Both are focused around adding configuration options, or at least changing how the configuration is interpreted. And that's all I want to think about for now, because I'm tired.

Good night.