Diary 2019-11-13

By Max Woerner Chase

On the Ironsworn front, I've got the truths of the setting chosen. For this game, I'll be playing in a version of the Ironlands that leans pretty heavily on the angle of "advanced civilizations brought low by a magical apocalypse" angle, in which a lot of the enemies will be empowered by corrupted artifacts the Ironlanders accidentally brought with them.

I didn't work on it much tonight because we watched A Sound of Thunder, which was just... so much nonsense.

I'll try to get all the materials to actually play together tomorrow. I'll have to see if I feel like making specialized roller functions like I have for Mythic in the past, or just following flowcharts like I am for Mythic in my other writing project.

I don't have anything to report on the Ink front; I'll think about it after I post this, and see if I come up with any prototypes.

Good night.