Diary 2019-09-28

By Max Woerner Chase

Still really tired, so I did more stuff that I wasn't taking the time to do earlier, like separating out the writing project so it works better in the text editor, doing basic typo passes, and taking notes on all of the names I made up. I also got the pages I printed punched, in the binder, and flagged for easy reference, as well as some important bits highlighted. I will totally be ready to get back into writing once I stop being, like super tired.

I also rewrote a Python module that I originally rewrote from some code I found on the internet. The code is concerned with adding tail calls to Python as a library. I guess my thinking was, I feel bad, and refining this code kind of gives that specific feeling of badness form, because this code is basically just nothing but a bad idea. That's why I put a lewd Elder Scrolls reference in the name of it, so the only people it can hurt are people who use it """ironically""".

I don't feel like writing any more here. Good night.