Diary 2019-06-13

By Max Woerner Chase

I finally took a look at the third comment on the PR, and on the one hand, I think I understand it, and it looks like it provides a better answer than I had to the second comment (which means the test I wrote is almost certainly wrong). But, I've got no stamina lately, so I'm just going to take "I understand the third comment" as pretty much good enough, then try applying it for kicks. Okay, it's in, and I'll get a response from Travis at some point. Open source software can be so confusing in ways I'd rather not think about. Oh well.

I think I've been in the mood to do some writing recently, but been getting writer's block right out of the gate. I'm going to need to try again later sometime, when it's not 11 PM.

Okay, I absolutely should not be on my laptop any more. Good night.