Diary 2019-06-07

By Max Woerner Chase

Earlier today, I got the printer working a little better, which will be good for making templates and hard copies of rpg rulebooks.

Other than that, I think I mostly just spaced out, following five hours of meetings.

Also, I tried to do some design work for MonFree Retro, and decided that the other one should be renamed. For now, I'm thinking "MonFree Tales". My goal on this project right now is figuring out how to organize my priorities, and get them down, because I've got some high-level ideas that are in conflict. Basically, I'm a big fan of flavorful "gimmick" monsters, but I don't want them to be counterproductive to use, or game-breaking, so I need to put some serious effort into balancing, but I want to have a lot of them.

Well, I'm done for tonight, having spaced out some more while writing this. Good night.